The First Image You Saw Here Will Reveal What Kind of Mind Power You Have


Psychobiologist and Nobel Prize winner Roger W. Sperry found that the brain’s 2 hemispheres—left and right—function differently, and the way you think depends..

01 – The head of a tiger

The left hemisphere of your brain is more active than the right. You are an analytical person, very goal-oriented and organized. When faced with a problem you tend to be logical, calculative, and objective.
However, sometimes, because you know that the decision you made was made after a lot of thinking, you tend to be adamant. So, it is advisable that you hear the opinion of others and take it into consideration too. Remember that a little humility goes a long way.

Your personality traits:

  • Planned: You do things in a properly planned way, like in a to-do list.\
  • Precise: You have clear, ear-marked goals and are clear about the path to be taken to achieve them.
  • Rational: Emotions and feelings do not get in the way of you achieving your goals.
  • Logical: You have an aptitude for math, science, and sequencing ideas.
  • Realistic: Your world is very real. In it, there is no place for fairy-tales and fiction.
  • Similarly, however lofty your goals might seem to others, you know that they are realistic and achievable.

02 – The hanging monkey

The right hemisphere of your brain is more active. You are a creative person who is full of innovative ideas. When faced with a problem you rely more on your intuition (which more often than not is correct) than on critical thinking.
You know perfectly well that every step you take in your life is a lesson for you and that even includes losing is a step toward achieving your goals. To you, the journey is more important than the goal. Since you are a dreamer, you often get lost in your own dreamland. It is essential for you to get a reality check every once in a while and to pay a little more attention to the world around you.

Your personality traits:

  • Impulsive: You do things spontaneously. You have a knack for taking an out of the box approach.
  • Emotional: You care a lot about a lot many things. You spend time pondering and act based on feelings.
  • Creative and artistic: You are skilled at music, arts, and other creative disciplines.
  • Intuitive: You don’t make a to-do list and don’t go by the rulebook. You solve problems intuitively.
  • Dreamy: You have dreams for life rather than goals and you put effort toward achieving those dreams, often succeeding.

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The First Picture You See Reveals Your Current Situation

Look closely at the picture below. And decide what you saw first. Whatever you see will tell you a lot about your perception of life and who you are!!

What You see FIRST In This Picture ?

01. Crocodile

If you see a crocodile first, which is very natural, you’re practical and think about the threats that you might come across in your life. You live a life that’s somewhat cautious if not entirely pessimistic. It also shows your tendency to forget small positive details because of your fixation on the worse. It might be a good idea to go easy on yourself and life.

02. A boat

It’s quite difficult to figure out the boat in this picture at first glance, so it shows how you never miss out on small details. It also shows your ability to be creative and find out a unique solution to any problem.

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Love simplicity; you like to live life with positivity and without anxiety. You have a great sense of humor and this means that you are surrounded by friends, even if not many in fact you are very selective … few but good.


(refers to those who often take their hands off the wheel)

Extrovert and nonconformist personality. Some like to call you a little crazy. Love the risk… .you like to live on pure adrenaline!


We could call you little “noisy”, you are rather quiet. You don’t like fighting, on the contrary you always look for a solution that doesn’t involve too many imbalances … we could say that you are pacifists.


Here we are faced with a personality that loves beauty and perfection, everything must have order and balance, this does not mean that you are often schematic ideas that you pursue and in which you succeed are very original.


You do not like the risk you are prudent by nature almost paranoid, and your fears often make you experience various situations with anxiety this means that you always want to have everything under control, just to mitigate your insecurities.


Love the risk and everything that gives you an adrenaline rush always live on the edge … something that often disagrees with your family.


You have great organizational skills in every sector, you are very sure of yourself and this means that in many situations you are the leader and the point of reference for many.


Spontaneous sincerity without malice is what sets you apart, you love to listen to others and very naturally you manage to put yourself in their shoes understanding every single situation.


Love to live life lightly without creating unnecessary worries, unfortunately this is interpreted as a form of frivolity, but it is not.


Personality always busy so much that sometimes you neglect your loved ones but above all yourself … look for space also for you.

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