How to use Google’s free transcription tools

If you’re in an essential videoconferencing session and you’re getting an info dump you know you won’t recall, having a transcript of that session can be very helpful. Video and audio recordings are all fine, but a text version of your meeting can be much easier to scan if you are searching for one particular… Read More »

30 Non-Americans Who Tweeted Their Confusion About America

It’s no secret — the rest of the world is looking at how strange American culture can be, and wondering if it’s really real. ‘Cause let’s face it—even if it looks good for us, it doesn’t mean it watching police patrol your school, charging for a ride to the hospital, and calling the bathroom ‘restroom’… Read More »


Business management facilitation is a perfect tool for handling big and small businesses. It has incredible determination. This is an application that enables users to manage their business. This may be categorized under headings such as accounting, project and project management, communications and customer support, file sharing, management of leadership, or solution management. Also Read… Read More »


The world is full of beautiful people, but some guys in the looks department are just a notch above, being attractive is not only about getting a pretty face, but about the body, appearance, and appeal. When most of the world is a women’s beauty, we’ll be telling you about the top 11 most beautiful… Read More »

7 Foods That Will Help You Grow Long Eyelashes

There are several ways to improve the growth of your eyelash: you can use essential oils, massage your eyelids, and make up your lashes. But to enhance them the easiest way is to diversify your daily meals. All you need to do is eat some healthy and delicious foods, not just your lashes, but your… Read More »