Men are elusive creatures. Iconic for their mystery, especially in the love department, women are continuously trying to decode what their vague words and actions signify. When it comes to love and relationships, women have been known to dissect all they can in the hopes of getting just a tiny bit more insight into the minds of men. Men are typically non verbal, which can lead to doubts that your man actually loves you as much as you love him. To help ease your worries, we’ve compiled a list of non-verbal ways that he’s telling you he loves you.

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Non-Verbal Signs He Loves You

1. All Of His Friends Love You – Or at least you notice they are genuinely warming up to you, and showing signs they like your company and presence. Needless to say, it’s likely in part because of your personality. But, oftentimes your boyfriend’s friends will only start opening up to you after noticing how happy their friend is ever since he started dating you.

2. He’s An Active Listener – If your boyfriend tends to listen closely when you talk about your day at work, or the dress you bought for an upcoming party you will both be attending next weekend, chances are he loves you. Close and active listening is a huge sign of true love. Men who are not interested in anything more than getting into bed are less likely to maintain interest during a conversation. If you see him closely listening, nodding and leaning in to get closer to you while you speak, the guy is definitely in love.

3. Eye Contact – When a man truly loves you, he will try to make eye contact with you as often as possible. While out with friends, you will catch him glancing at you from across the room, exchanging brief gazes, and most likely smiling while he’s doing it. This is code for him wanting you to know that he cares about you, even when you’re both engaged with different people.

4. He Invites You To Meet His Family – This is a pretty big one. When a man invites you to meet his loved ones and the people he cares about, he very likely does love you. Men tend to guard close personal relationships from people they view as outsiders. If you’ve made your way into his inner circle, you’ve likely made your way into his heart as well.

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5. He Likes To Get Involved – He doesn’t just sit back and wait for you to cook dinner. Instead, he actively helps you shop for groceries, cook, clean, and wash the dirty dishes afterwards. Even if he isn’t a good cook, he will chop some onions, grill vegetables, and make sure he helps you in any possible way around the kitchen or house. These are signs that he sees you as more than just a friend or someone he is casually dating.

6. He Squeezes Your Hand – If he gently squeezes your hand while walking, without even making eye contact, you can rest assured you mean a lot to him. Plus, if he isn’t into kissing and hugging in public, but uses this hand-squeezing technique often, it’s his subtle way of telling you he loves you. Think of those little squeezes as bursts of love.

7. He Wants To Pamper You – He may call you to ask if you’ve eaten yet, or if you need anything from the store. This shows that he really cares about your well-being and wants you to be happy, another strong sign that he loves you. No man pays this type of attention to a woman he doesn’t really have feelings for.

8. He Becomes More Interested In Your Day To Day Life – When he starts calling and texting you just to see what you’re doing and how your day has been, without the conversation turning dirty, this shows that he really cares about you and is genuinely interested in your life. No man spends the time to call their “friends with benefits” just to see how her day was.

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9. He’s Not Afraid To Be Himself – How does your man act around you? It’s important to notice if he’s relaxed and himself when he’s with you. If he isn’t afraid to do all the silly, and often strange things most people keep private, it’s safe to say he trusts you. There’s no better way to show that he cares for you deeply then to be so open with you.

10. He Touches You Unexpectedly – If your boyfriend touches your arm, shoulders, or back spontaneously, this is a clear sign he wants to make sure you are close to him. His desire is to keep physical, non-intimate contact whenever he can. He could do this by placing his hand atop of yours while waiting for dinner at a restaurant, or putting his palm on your back while walking. The gesture might seem totally random, but this guy definitely knows what he’s doing, and what he’s trying to express.

11. He Mimics You – If you notice he synchronizes his steps or food bits with yours, or if he wears t-shirts with the same color as your shirt or dress when going out together, he is definitely mirroring your behavior. A subconscious body language tendency known as Isopraxism is responsible for this. Isopraxism leads us to copy, emulate, and repeat the actions and mannerisms of people we like and adore. This tendency is most often exhibited by loving couples and close friends.

12. He’s Interested In Your Opinion – When your man wants you to choose the activities you do together, or he starts asking where you would like to go, or what you would like to eat, it shows that he cares about your feelings. When a man truly loves a woman he wants to make sure she’s happy above all, and he will begin to ask for her opinion on things just to make sure of it.

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