News Channel Apologizes for Showing ‘Non-Consensual’ Kiss on Air

By | July 1, 2020

A Canadian news channel was forced to apologize for showing live on air a “non-consensual” kiss.

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Consent is a big deal, quite …

No, it does not mean no. Simple as it would.

Consent is what allows the blossoming of healthy relationships and without it only causes a harmful and toxic environment.

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Even the little things count…

Such as leaning in for that first special kiss? You have to make sure the consent is there so you can follow through with this treasurable moment.

But consent goes further beyond than just young couples…

Consent is needed in any situation.

Especially in television.

Whether you’re a professional actor or you’re being interviewed on live news TV, there’s always a need for consent to whatever happens.

There have been so many sexual assault allegations over the years from the TV industry…

And, thanks to the “rape culture,” our screens have glorified non-consensual predatory behavior.

Some people think it’s okay to give a “harmless kiss” or a “harmless pat on the backside”…

And this kind of behavior is normalized especially on television.

And a recent news channel interview recently proved this fact.

Canadian news channel CTV recently aired a live interview with a woman in a park who was walking her dog.

It is unknown as to what the woman was being interviewed about…

But all eyes were suddenly turned to a man who interrupted the reporter.

“Hey sorry to interrupt,” the man says, before turning his attention to the woman being interviewed.

He says nothing else and literally grabs her face and begins passionately kissing her.

It’s a very uncomfortable watch…

And the reporter can be heard gasping slightly, with onlookers cheering and laughing.

And when the man finally lets go of her…

She looks dazed and begins to laugh, saying, “Oh my god! I just met him for a second with my dog!”

And when the reporter asks if she’s okay…

She responds with, “Yeah, he’s so hot!”.

She then tells the man to “text her” before walking away.

Even though the woman herself seems okay with this treatment, the internet feels the complete opposite.

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