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You won’t believe it, but lice in eyelash extensions exist!

For eyelash extensions the boom has almost the same volume of the fan as the detractors. From allergic reactions to bacterial infections, many experts believe this is one of the most dangerous health-care cosmetic strategies. The last side effect that they benefited from? The pupa! American newscasts also warned that optometrists also reported a rise… Read More »

Best days to hair cutting and the most important tips

Hair cutting is one of the most important things for hair health and beauty and is extremely useful. Hair cutting aids in protecting against hair damage. It trims damaged extremities and lowers the rest of the hair. The hair cutting process also makes it more vivid and shiny and also gives it ample shine and… Read More »

Step by Step: How to Smooth Your Own Curly Hair at Home

The thermal hair iron is essential for women to quickly curly means hair relaxers and individual hair. If you are also the one who frequently use the softening tools, you should be aware of the basic and initial steps to use correctly to minimize hair damage. Haircare professionals in recent years have relied on the… Read More »