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Top 15 Most Beautiful Girls in the world 2020

Who are some of the world’s most stunning girls right now? Here is the best list of our finest girls of 2020 ever. Not only are these girls stunning but they also excel in their fields. They are infamous. They’re most famous all over the world, with big fans following. What is more, how powerful… Read More »

30 Non-Americans Who Tweeted Their Confusion About America

It’s no secret — the rest of the world is looking at how strange American culture can be, and wondering if it’s really real. ‘Cause let’s face it—even if it looks good for us, it doesn’t mean it watching police patrol your school, charging for a ride to the hospital, and calling the bathroom ‘restroom’… Read More »


The world is full of beautiful people, but some guys in the looks department are just a notch above, being attractive is not only about getting a pretty face, but about the body, appearance, and appeal. When most of the world is a women’s beauty, we’ll be telling you about the top 11 most beautiful… Read More »