8 Things You Can Learn About Someone From a Single Kiss


Studies find out that an average woman kisses about 15 men, has 2 long-term relationships and encounters heartbreak at least twice before she finds “the one” and gets married. The first kiss offers a small insight into your future relationships because it can tell a lot about a companion and their emotions to you.

Here is a list of 8 things can be learned about a partner from your first kiss.

8. Is there chemistry between you and your partner?

Chemistry cannot put into words. It’s what you have to feel through firsthand experience. When your lips touch your partner’s, do you want the moment to last forever, or do you wish it will end right away? If you feel strongly connected to your partner even though they are not the best kisser, it’s a good sign.

Nevertheless, if you feel frustrated after kissing and nothing sparks between you two, that isn’t going to change. Chemistry doesn’t grow and fade, but it should exist from the very start.

7. Will your partner be good in bed?

The first kiss is thought to tell you a lot about your expected relationships, including s*x-related matters. The technique in a first kiss is used later in bed, so you can see if it would worth sleeping with your companion.

You should not notice only that person’s lips but also feel their hand movements, your body parts they like to touch, etc. Hands moving, bodies bending, legs intertwining — all this forms a further connection between you and your partner. And if that person uses their entire body while kissing, they are more likely to do the same in bed.

6. Is your partner confident enough?

Your partner’s level of confidence may show through the way they approach the first kiss. Do they become nervous by their keys before bending toward you? Do they attempt to force the kiss on you? Does your man start the kiss with his head held high? Does your woman respond by placing her arms around your collar?

A confident person understands what they do, and they don’t regret it. Hence if both of you feel confident when kissing, that may be the relationship you’re searching for.

Another hint of confidence in your partner is the willingness to compliment you or address the kiss. If they aren’t afraid to reveal their feelings after the first kiss, they will hide nothing from you in the future.

5. Does your partner take care of themselves?

Almost no one cares much about their partner’s hygiene during the first kiss. However, it may show a lot about their attitude towards you.

Do they have peppermint breath? Do they put on some perfume? Have they got a bath already? If yes, you’re fortunate since your partner is considerate about your opinions.

On the other hand, don’t think that it happened only once. Even if you hadn’t intended to kiss, your companion should be well familiar with the habits of personal hygiene. Therefore, if you sense that they haven’t even brushed their teeth, they won’t bother washing their mouth for any kisses in the future.

4. Is your partner a good listener?

When kissing, it’s impossible to explain to your companion what you want with words. So here, your body language has a very significant role. The trick is to observe whether your partner can follow your lead. For instance, if you show that you dislike tongue thrusts, they should quit insisting and adapt to your rhythm.

In every kiss, we give out several micro-signs, warning the person how to push or pull back, how much tongue to use, and so on. If that person gets on all of your hints, it may be a great sign! It shows that he or she puts your needs into consideration and is willing to sacrifice a bit for your relationship.

3. How serious will your relationship be?

If a person kisses you, they confirm their feelings for you. Still, it may not be a sign of a serious intention. Just because your partner is interested in you doesn’t conclude that they are determined about what kind of relationship they want.

Certain indicators are worth considering after your first kiss. For instance, was it simply a first kiss or a first grope too? Did you feel like your partner was rushing into a kiss?

Consider your feelings as well. Did that kiss make you desire more? Have you begun imagining your future together? Or maybe you can’t picture being with this person? You should answer all these questions to define your intentions.

2. Does your partner rush things?

The first kiss may also reveal whether your partner is too pushy. If you feel that your companion attempts to kiss you on the lower body part, places their tongue into your ear, or is excited to slip a hand up your shirt, then they most apparently only want to sleep with you.

If your partner doesn’t get your body language and forces you on things that you are uncomfortable doing even after you show that you don’t want to, it’s a hint of a bad start. That person doesn’t understand the value of being patient and simply can’t enjoy the moment.

1.   Is your partner appreciative?

How your partner treats you right after your first kiss decides their attitude toward you in the future. Simply notice their reaction.

Do they end the kiss showing that they are glad you let them touch your precious lips? Do they smile afterward? Do their eyes sparkle and expect something more?

If the answers are all yes, it is positive that your partner is delighted to be with you. Then you may have found the right one who will respect you and cherish each moment by your side.

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