8 Sure Signs Your Relationship Is Going to the Next Level


There are many reasons for us to decide to enter a relationship, but the main contributing factor for us going into something so serious is companionship. We want to have someone close to us that we can talk to and share our everyday life and reality with. However, it is difficult to know what will progress further along and if the relationship will last.

We can help you identify if your relationship is heading down the aisle (metaphorically speaking).

1. You have endless topics to talk about.

Finding someone who spends as much time as possible will help you get to know that person deeply. In this way, you can estimate your compatibility with the person you care about. If you’re regularly with someone you talk to someone for a long time, even after 10 years of knowing them, that’s a good sign. That means you will always have good topics to talk about because the conversations both make you feel good. It does not have to be historical or economic conversation topics – simply a favorite pet story or important topic can help the relationship shine through. That must be a sure signal that your relationship is working.

2. You have countless inside jokes.

Having a relationship with someone who can be your best friend is truly precious. When you have someone sharing your everyday life together, even from a distance and still being able to share the little things and end up in jokes, you have a connection, strong bond and have a similar sense of humor. Being able to make each other laugh and enjoy shy things is key for everyone to think about, especially if they are close friends. According to research by the University of Vancouver, couples who consider each other best friends feel more fulfilled and more satisfying than other couples. Having a relationship with someone you might consider best friends means you can spend more time together so you can feel comfortable enough to share those shy little things you might laugh about.

3. You find their annoying habits extremely cute.

Everyone has small bad habits, there is an obvious one, when you are with someone for a long time, you begin to realize that the little annoying things will become special things. For example, they never check their phone or keep it on silent, so you rarely get in touch with them. Even though many people find it uncomfortable, you understand it clearly and think that’s great because they’re not a cell phone addict all the time. Or maybe they have a laughable laugh that people find so ungainly, but you find it so funny. There are tens of thousands of personalities and habits that most people find uncomfortable, but when you are with someone you care about, you will feel that those habits are part of your identity and you love them more because of it.

4. You have a toothbrush and an extra pair of PJs at their place.

As the relationship develops, it is normal to leave some belongings at your partner’s house. Leaving a simple object like a toothbrush or a comb at your partner’s house has an important symbolic significance today. It also doesn’t mean that you are going to move in together, but it means that you are spending the afternoon and evening together rather than alone. If you realize that you have more brushes and your essentials in your partner’s place without becoming something to disturb you, then the relationship is going well. And don’t worry as you see it progressing, new levels! It all means when you feel comfortable and trust someone to leave things together in a place that isn’t a big deal.

5. You can’t stand spending nights apart.

The best thing the world can do is spend your night with your special someone. You can joke around and enjoy your favorite TV shows together, and it often feels like one of the types of sleep we used to do when we were kids. Sometimes, however, your plans must change for situations like home and work. If you feel extremely struggling when you have to separate, it means your relationship has reached a point where the couple gradually feel familiar together and lack of someone to do for you feel incomplete. According to research, when not together, couples spend a lot of time together and those who establish daily activities can overcome the negative feelings of separation. They will also suffer from depression or prolonged insomnia. Despite the anxiety of not being together, if you spend separation nights and you feel negative emotions, it may be because you are so used to having your partner around you can’t bear it leaving them every day of your life.

6. You both use the word “we” a lot.

When you are in a relationship with someone, you can ruin that relationship with those close to you if you are always looking for ways to spend time with your friends and family. However, because most of the time you spend with someone special, your activities become shared. And when everything is, we make it a ubiquitous word in your linguistic dictionary. You could say something like, “Let’s watch a movie together”, or “let’s go out with our friends”, or “We don’t really like this restaurant and are looking for it. dissipated”. When these situations happen in your life, it also means that the activities you used to do by yourself have now become a common pleasure for the couple.

7. You mention them in random conversations.

When you begin to have feelings for someone and keep thinking about them, it is okay to regularly bring up the person who is important to you at the beginning of a relationship. However, the moment you realize you mention them in conversations that don’t really relate to them very much, it means you let them become part of your identity. You connect with them in a special way such as how the conversation climbs with only a little bit of reference to them, you immediately mention them because you know them all too well and they become one. big part of your life. That is when you become skeptical and realize that they are probably the people you spend your whole life with.

8. Your arguments are the most interesting thing ever.

If you are together for a long time, it is okay to have arguments often. That can transcend the smallest of things without any special effect. If that happens and the controversy explodes over feelings for each other instead of sucking your emotions, it means it lasts. That’s because having a healthy argument to argue can help improve the relationship and help you get to know each other rather than agreeing to things and lose interest in the future

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