8 Signs Proving That Your Man Truly Loves You


Movies and books leave a common belief on people that a man who truly loves a woman should always give her flowers and gems, do stupid things, and rescue the planet (at least once). When we don’t get those love signs, we become dissatisfied and think our partner doesn’t love us. But is that true? Or do men have different ways to show their affection?

We collected scientific evidence that shows real love better than thousands of flowers and dozens of rescued kittens. If your man rarely declares his love but does most of the following actions, you shouldn’t hesitate — he loves you.

8 – He listens to you more than he talks.

Most men like to talk about themselves and their accomplishments. But not a loving man. He listens to his lover attentively and asks questions. That is because real love means mutual interest and understanding, even if a dialogue isn’t that meaningful.

And if a man attends and discusses your matters less than he does to dollar rates or types of racing cars, it’s time for you to reconsider your relationship.

7 – He cares about your friends and family.

A man who truly loves you will spend his effort considering your family and friends as well as they’re an vital part of your life. Maybe he doesn’t like them very much, and he may even disrespect them sometimes, but he’ll never prevent you from interacting with them. He’ll be there whenever you want his help.

6 – He never dismisses you from a talk or debate.

How frequently do you see circumstances where women are dismissed from a discussion (“Stay out of it. I can deal with it on my own.”)? If a man loves you truly, he will never say things like those. A loving man treats his lover as an equal person and will never insult her by taking away her chance to show her views.

5 – He’s always proud of your achievement and willing to brag about it.

Some men hate it when ladies accomplish their goals in several fields. Particularly when they have failed to do so. However, a loving man considers his lover a part of himself, so he’s always pleased when she archives any things. He will never hesitate to tell people around him about it.

4 – He’s grateful and always cheers on you.

A woman will believe that she is unique and valued if she can be with a man who really loves her. And here’s why. As she gets numerous words of gratefulness, which helps her know that her effort is valued. A loving husband will never take his partner and things she has done for granted.

3 – He makes concessions even if you don’t ask for them.

Every relationship is developed upon compromises: we have to abandon something or even sacrifice sometimes. The thing that defines an unloving relationship is that these things happen because of pressure from one side. Yet, a loving man is always ready to quit his interests for the woman he loves. And he’s glad to do so if he feels reciprocity.

2 – He respects and accepts your opinion even if it disagrees with his own.

The attitude of “There are 2 opinions: my own and wrong!” isn’t for love. Even a headstrong man who always refuses to accept others’ views will change once he finds a woman he loves. He will be willing to understand and embrace her idea — even if he opposes it.

1 – You’re his priority.

A man who loves you will always make decisions in your favor. And that isn’t only because he wants to be with you but because he considers you a part of your shared future. A loving man puts his woman first in his mind and also thinks about her interests.

How do you define a man’s love? How do you distinguish whether a man really loves you or not? Share your views with us in the comments.

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