7 Ways to Stop Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back


Love is the dream of all of us in life. We desired to love and to be in love. Nevertheless, not all of us have the chance to be in that happiness. There are still times that you fall in love with someone who does not really get you. For sure, none of us wants to maintain that situation. Moving forward seems impossible, but you also cannot get rid of it. If you are unluckily struggling in that circumstance, these pieces of advice are meant for you. We suggested to you some ways that you can, step-by-step, stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back.

01 – Think about the way they may feel about your love.

Two of you had so many chances to be together. You love that one, and they seem to do the same toward you. Is that what they feel or just your imagination? Ask yourself and maybe, your friends also. Looking at your relationship from several points of view may give you the most correct answer for that question. Be honest to yourself.

No one wants to be disturbed, and you also may not want to be the one annoying anyone’s life. Being stubborn and doing things that only you find right just make the relationship worse and worse. It is more pleasant of you to move on from this relationship.

02 – Distract yourself.

Out of sight, out of mind. Keep yourself away from that one as much as possible. You may feel like missing this person sometimes. That is when you must stay far away from things relating to them also. If you cannot see and think about objects and memories reminding you about them, you won’t miss them as you thought. Stop stalking their personal social media account, stop looking at their photos for hours, you may find yourself free from love more.

03 – Find another sharing the same problem with you.

Unrequited love problems are shared by many people. They suffered, and so do you. Talk to some of your friends, some close ones, and ask them about their experiences. They have moved on from that situation, so they may have some “skills” to get rid of it more easily. Or at least, they are the ones who can be the most empathetic with you because they have been in your shoe once.

However, be careful of who you are talking to and how the conversations turn out to be. Don’t let your problem be one of the topics that everyone discusses behind your back. And if your friends are emotional, you may dive into talking about this love time after time. That does not help you but reminds you about that person every day, in contrast.

If you are into arts, this field may help you a lot. People usually find themselves in tunable songs and heart-touching movies. Read books and stories, let the characters’ emotions and even your tears help you partly release your pain.

04 – Take care of yourself.

Unrequited love sometimes makes us feel like we are not living in the love of anyone. The more we dwell on that thought, the more we neglect ourselves. Even in the worst case, the above statement was absolutely true; you should love and take care of yourself well. If you do so, at least there is one person on this planet loving you. Or else, no one does it for you.

Start with taking a bath. If you live in a shared space, the bathroom may provide you with time and space alone. Let tears and shampoo help you wash your sadness away. Drink a small cup of tea and refresh your mind. People tend to have toxic habits when they feel down; however, stay away from them. Sm*king or drinking so much alc*hol won’t ever make your beloved one understand your pain. Occupy yourself with things that help you stay calm and pleased.

05 – Do a workout.

If you cannot improve your mental health via the ways we mentioned above, try improving your physical health. Doing exercises not only helps you to keep fit but also releases negative emotions. Go jogging outside and get a closer look at the beautiful neighbourhood is definitely much better than lying down sadly all day long in your dusky room. Or at the same time, you can enjoy your favorite songs and have some moves. Dance freely and shake all the torment away. And also stay in shape.

06 – Leave this dream behind you.

There’s an Indian proverb: If your horse is de*d, dismount. Don’t indulge yourself with hopeless dreams. None of us wants to be forced to do anything. The sooner you admit that they actually don’t like you, the sooner you can suffer from your unrequited love. Stop lying to yourself by believing in their excuses. They may have so many reasons not to spend time with you. Just imagine yourself in the following situation: if you don’t want to go to a party or a date, how do you usually act?

07 – Don’t get angry.

Everyone faces love problems in life. It is good to be in a perfect couple that both of you share one love. But it is also not either your or their fault if two of you cannot be together. You will find another person that matches your personality. Or be more independent, create your own happiness in life, and spend less time waiting for that beloved one to come and sacrifice for you. Think of your good memories when you were with them and go on with a smile. And don’t forget to say thanks to them for being partly in your life.


Not only love problems, but you can also try applying those methods to suffer from other troubles in life. Remember to stay calm and believe in yourself. King Solomon had a ring with the phrase “This too shall pass” inscribed on it. Remember these words, and your life will be easier.

Do you have other ways to move on from unrequited love? Share your experience in the comments!

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