7 Things That Reveal Someone Is in Love With You (Attention: Now You Can See Through People)


Love can change what happens in our bodies. When in love, we will experience the elated feeling, blushing, sweating, having butterflies in our stomachs, or even having hormonal and voice changes. You sometimes can easily know whether a person is falling in love with you or not by seeing what differences they pretend. In this study, we will show you some features and symptoms that help you to realize if a person falls in love with you or you feel in love with someone.

01 – Hormonal changes

Much of human behavior is influenced by hormones. There are certain hormones that are responsible for strong feelings like oxytocin or testosterone. The changes of these hormones will make people experience the passion and romantic feelings without control. There are different signals of falling in love between men and women. Testosterone makes women have experiences of energy burst and high sex drive, while oxytocin helps men have more romantic, tender, and attentive feelings. However, when these hormones return to the normal level, men lose the number of intimate moments, and women lack attention.

02 – Voice changes

It’s a common phenomenon for someone to changes the pitch of their voices when talking to someone they are romantically interested in, and it’s all because they want to make that love connection. Our voices don’t stop change when the period of passionate love ends.

According to a study, a women’s voice unconsciously gets softer and higher when talking to her beloved. Their voice pitch can be lower for more vibrations to be attractive. This lover voice attracts men about sexual interest. Men prefer women who have high and “womanly” voice pitch. It is said that this kind of voice indicates to a woman is caring, reliable, and is ready for a long-term relationship.

03 – Uncontrollable blushing

According to new research, people who blush easily are more generous, trustworthy, and virtuous than those who don’t. The modern psychologist found out that blushing is useful and can make you more likable. When a guy or girl of your dreams comes into your life, your cheeks are already red and you seem can’t do anything about it. It a natural reaction to the fear of being “found out”. In the research of Psychologist Ray Crozier, many people have interviewed about the situations that make them turn red. The most typical answers are the potential exposure of something private, not about embarrassing situations. Blushing is not only a physiological reaction to the shock but also causes an attraction to another person. The reddened face is the signal to avoid excessive attention and the impression of shyness. Uncontrollable blushing is also one of the most reliable features of honesty. They will be better romantic partners and reported as the higher levels of monogamy.

04 – Men’s bones get stronger.

According to the study at the University of California in Los Angeles, married men and men in long-term relationships will have stronger and healthier bones. Through this study, men who married when they were younger than 25 had lower bone strength than men who married for the first time at a later age. However, it needs one important takeaway that his woman is caring and supportive with a happy relationship or marriage. There is no high bone strength revealed if a woman wasn’t tender and loving. Men in stable marriages or marriage-like relationships who had never previously divorced or separated had stronger bone men whose previous marriages had fractured.

05 – Dilated pupils

Eyes are the windows to the souls and heart. They play a very important role in a relationship. Eyes’ movements and changes come to help us understand our feelings when being with our beloved. Pupils naturally expand during times of heightened attention or focus when you finding yourself fascinated by a new love interest. The pupil dilation depends not only on light but also on our emotional state. Our pupils appeal to enlarge when focusing on someone we find attractive. Therefore looking into someone eyes, you can see if they’re in love with you or not.

06 – A painful state

Falling in love leads to a variety of physical and mental changes. Strong feelings like confusion, nervousness, mood swings, loss of appetite, and fatigue are the symptoms caused by falling in love. Being in love will helps you to experience feelings of pain, stress, and happiness. A stress hormone, cortisol, is also one of the reasons for our suffering when falling in love. This unpleasant symptom will go away when our relationship becomes more stable. However, this feeling may come back during our marriage.

07 – Superpowers

Love and fear can give us superpowers. It powers our growth and our ability to walk upright through life. Love is our superpower at all levels, including the brain. You may feel more or less stressed than usual, depending on the stage of your relationship. This is because oxytocin is released into our systems when we are falling in love with someone and it increases our tolerance for physical pain. Serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine are recreated in our nervous systems and cause attention and care to prevail among our behaviors. We will experience the strong and beautiful feeling that we can be able to do anything for our beloved one.

How do you usually realize that you’re falling in love? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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