16 People Who Made Their Homes Into a Real Paradise

4 People Who Made Their Homes Into a Real Paradise


The heroes of our article decided to make their homes the most comfortable place on Earth. But they didn’t hire professionals for this, they did everything with their own hands, giving their heart and soul. The results were so cool that they had to post them online, and we were happy to find them.

At learn & Earn, we were really inspired by these tastefully furnished living rooms and bedrooms.

“My studio sanctuary. Me and my 2 cats fight over it all the time. Super comfy!”

“Everybody said, ’Don’t make the bathroom dark or black.’ So that’s what I did.”

“My eclectic living room. My belongings range from the 1930/40s through to the 1970s. I absolutely hate the carpet and the wallpaper, but I’m not in a position to change it or I would most definitely do it.”

“We made our living room a little cozier.”

We are sure that some of our readers have decorated their homes themselves too. Show your results in the comments below.

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