13 Behavior Mistakes That Push People Away From You When You First Meet


How do some people draw much attention, and some spend time on their own? Our appearance and characteristics are not the only things that matter. Some of our habits can Push us away from others, making us unwilling to talk to them.

We love romantic stories and understand nearly everything about how to find true love. Today, we’ll show you some main reasons why you cannot build a happy and healthy relationship.

13. Illiteracy

If you fail to find your love, maybe it’s time to correct some spelling mistakes. In a survey by match.com, an online dating site, 96% of women are uninterested in talking with an illiterate person. By the way, men are not as strict regarding grammar mistakes. However, people pay more attention to correct spelling than to a potential partner’s overweight or lack of confidence.

12. Sleep deprivation

As people who don’t have enough sleep look less attractive, it’s essential to sleep well before a date or an important meeting. It’s not merely because of beauty. An unhealthy appearance may also push people away from us. Plus, sleep deprivation causes anxiety and grumpiness. Scientists suggest that only a couple of sleepless nights can start driving people away from you. People will treat you as a trustworthy and friendly person if you sleep well.

11. Stress

In stressful circumstances, our body launches a chemical factory where the adrenal organs discharge the hormones cortisol, adrenaline, and prolactin (in women.) Possible companions can be pushed away from you due to high cortisol levels. It doesn’t have to be face-to-face conversations, but your pictures can also reveal your stress levels.

10. No hobbies

You don’t need to be extremely beautiful to draw people’s attention. An online dating site conducted a study showing that creative people have the same popularity as beautiful ones. It means that:

  • Men favor women who are into traveling, dancing, sports, and art.
  • Women desire men who travel, exercise, cook, and don’t sleep at the movies.

9. “Wrong” smell

When it comes to a potential long-term relationship, body odor has quite an influential role. It doesn’t mean the use of perfume. It’s the genes responsible for our immune system that cause our body odor. Of course, nobody smells their partner on the first date, but we subconsciously prefer a person who has “healthy” smells. Women are experts in this: they can recognize a partner with a “suitable” DNA that will influence their future children’s well-being.

8. Teeth problems

When it comes to deciding if you’re going on a date or not, fine teeth and oral hygiene are quite important. Internet users believe that no matter how everything else about you attracts others, teeth problems can drive them away.

7. Poor manners

Poor table manners may destroy your second chance. People consider noisy eating one of the most offensive habits. On the blacklist, there are also replying phone calls and eating from your date’s plate. Also, you’re likely to disappoint if you invite a person to a fast food restaurant or order too garlicky dishes.

6. Gothic paleness

Our appearance also depends on skin tones. Scientists discovered that a yellowish skin tone makes us look better. Melanin and carotenoids for skin coloration are responsible for the immune system, too. People tend to search for a healthy partner, and that’s why pale skin drives them away.

The good news is you don’t need to spend hours at the beach to become more attractive. Consume more greens and fruits, especially those with carotenoids such as carrots, tomatoes, apricots, or mangoes.

5. Self-confidence

Women favor men with self-confidence. They are more attracted to grumpy and brutish men than smiling guys. In fact, ladies don’t like men who are too happy.

On the other hand, men usually think that women with too high self-esteem are reserved or pretentious, thereby refusing to date them. So a big smile will be more likely to attract a gentlemen’s attention.

4. Non-heroic appearance

Little scars on the face may improve a man’s attractiveness. Yet they tend to draw short-term partners only — other kinds of qualities are necessary to develop a long-term relationship. And remember not to go too far!

3. Laziness

Active people are more attractive. Lazy people are less likely to succeed, not just because they spend most of their time doing nothing. It’s all about our psychological mechanisms: peoples dislike those who preferred to do nothing and think they are useless.

2. No friends

The more friends you have, the more attractive you look. A person’s imperfections fade if their appearance is similar to the average group’s face. A group face seems more attractive than an individual’s face. That explains why even an average girl can become a queen in the right company.

Psychologists describe this phenomenon as the cheerleader effect. For instance, cheerleaders may be different (pretty or not) when looked at individually. Yet as a team, they all seem gorgeous.

And the good news is you don’t need to have many beautiful friends to look fabulous. One attractive friend is enough to raise your opportunities.

1. Silly risk

Studies show that although women like men who take risks, silly risks are unacceptable. That means extreme sports, poor habits, and risky driving will never draw women’s attraction. Risks like extinguishing fires or managing dangerous animals make a man seem like a hero and a great partner.

Do you agree with these points? Have you ever made any of those mistakes?

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