10 Signs That A Guy Just Isn’t Interested In You Even When You Want To Believe Otherwise


Sometimes, the guy you like just isn’t going to like you back and you’re just going to have to accept that. You always crave for true love and you dream up all of these fantastical scenarios in your head with guys you become interested in. And that’s okay. That’s a part of the game.

However, you have to be reasonable with your expectations. Not every guy that you like is going to express the same kind of interest in you. You can try to change his mind but at the end of the day, you can only do so much. And you always have to recognize when it’s time for you to just walk away and move on. Otherwise, you’re going to end up wasting your time and looking really pathetic.

It’s not really all that rare for a girl to be oblivious to a guy’s disinterest in her and that’s why you always have to be careful. Your feelings might be playing with you and they might be compromising your better judgment. Make sure that that doesn’t happen by always staying vigilant. Keep an eye out for the following signs so that you will know whether you’re just wasting your time with a guy or not. Here are a few signs that a man isn’t interested in being with you at all:

1. You seem to be the only one who is always initiating the contact between the two of you. It is you who is always texting first. It’s you who always wants to meet up. It’s you who is always trying to start off conversations. You are the one who seems to be showing all the eagerness in the world

2. You are always so quick to respond to every single text message. You are always so quick to answer every single phone call. However, it’s not the same as him. He only replies when it’s convenient. And he only picks up whenever he needs something from you.

3. He has a tendency to cancel on you a lot. He’s the kind of guy who would just call you up to say that he can’t make it even though you’re already at the restaurant waiting for him. It just goes to show that you don’t matter to him enough for him to actually honor his commitments to you.

4. You seem to be the one who is always going the extra mile between the two of you. You are the one who is always adjusting your schedule just so you can fit into his. You are the one who has to travel so far to see him. You are the one who is exerting more effort even when he’s not lifting a finger.

5. He acts very inconsistently with you. Sometimes, the confusion can stem from the very few times wherein he is actually kind and sweet with you. You think that he’s interested because he’s nice to you every so often. But the inconsistency should be a bigger clue for you. If he can’t be consistent, then he’s not serious about how he feels for you.

6. You only ever hear from him whenever it’s convenient or whenever he needs something from you. Otherwise, he acts as if you don’t even exist in his life. He’s going to go off the grid and you’re never really going to hear from him.

7. He always makes you wait. He never stays conscious of your time. Whenever you agree to meet somewhere, he shows up late. Whenever you text him, he waits a few hours (or even days) before he replies to you. He always makes you wait for him because he doesn’t care much about how you value your time.

8. He seems to always be too busy for you. He has a tendency to prioritize other things over you. And that should be a sign that you aren’t really that much of an important figure in his life. He is always willing to deprioritize you in favor of other people and activities in life. He never makes you feel like you’re the priority.

9. He gives little to no effort to keep you in his life. He doesn’t really give you much incentive to stay with him other than the fact that you are just inherently attracted to him. He practically brings nothing to the table between the two of you.

10. Your friends are telling you that he doesn’t like you. Yes, you don’t want to be making decisions about your love life based purely on what your friends tell you. However, you also have to remember that your friends have your back. They’re only looking out for you. Maybe it would be good for you to actually consider what they’re saying about him.

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