10 Principles of Billionaires That Should Be Adopted to Succeed


Oprah Winfrey once said she had managed to achieve such financial success because money had never been her main goal. We can meet that great notion not only in Oprah Winfrey but also in so many other billionaires. The world has changed. People in the past had been so obsessed with chasing many flows of income. The rich do not do that now any longer. Their cares now are not how to gain more profit anymore. Mark Zuckerberg, for instance, just wants to change the world. Also, the dream of Elon Musk starts with Mars and the metropolis there. The wealthy now are no longer lucky children growing up in prosperous families. Their richness is counted not by the amount of property they had or how much extravagance they spend money. The wealthiest are now well-trained, reserved, and prone to charity and the community.

Their efforts leave us with so many lessons that we could learn from. Below, we have listed 10 principles from those affluent. We hope you find them helpful and informative.

01 – Find your goal and formulate it correctly.

The most significant distinction between victorious people and failures is the way they set their goals. To become a successful person in life, you must call out your correct purpose first. Your insights and ambitions then will be the only thing that decides your actions. To go on a suitable career path, set your goal correctly.

Take Steve Jobs, for example. Many people believe that his dream was to bring out phones and have a profitable company. Actually, he aimed to create phones with the power of computers, but more convenient to use.

That explicit should also be true with yours. You can not say you are desired to travel around the world if all your thought is to have $20,000 for any trip. Besides, having your hand-baked cake sold definitely differs from baking to earn extra money.

02 – Make a plan and follow it.

Imagine you have just set your goal to travel overseas. So it follows that a bunch of questions should be clarified before the trip.

When will it occur?

What will you do along the journey?

How can you travel there? …

Mars was the ambition of Elon Musk. He just wants to get there, so he had sketched out a plan. By making the plan, Elon realizes many things have not been done yet and yields the result of preventing the trip from starting. However, thanks to that realization, he started his first development of commercial space transport.

Looking at the picture of Elon, we can see how important the skill of planning is. By sketching out plans, we would find out the unfilled points and could start filling them. Also, you may figure out what you should do partly, step-by-step, to make up the final goals.

03 – Do not hold yourself back.

The thing that makes humans different from animals or robots is our emotions. But what makes the wealthiest distinguished from others is how they manage their emotions efficiently. There is a terminology called emotional intelligence. We can not prohibit but manage our emotions reasonably. Using sensations as a tool to achieve success is a necessary key for many billionaires. Should you learn how to manage your inner world, you will properly have the whole world outside.

04 – Love what you do

Prince Ea said once, if you ‘kinda’ want something, you will also ‘kinda’ get the result you want. Everything depends not on how people judge but how you feel about it. Things that others prefer may not be in your favor, so just do not fake it. You can not just come up with your making-money passion for doing anything in a few seconds. Passion is the journey that you must slowly enjoy throughout your life. It is also okay to have not found your ambition yet. Keep calm and keep trying, then you will see what you are desired for soon.

05 – Spend money consciously.

You have just come outside this morning, and you saw a new discounted dress. Coming back home, but everything left in your mind is to get to the store as soon as possible and buy the dress. Regardless of how qualified the dress is, as we mentioned before, think about the necessity of having that dress.

Steve Jobs has thus spoken: “Spending a dollar is more difficult than earning it.”

Is that discounted dress necessary for your final goal? The answer may be NO. You could also think that the dress had never been that cheap anyway. However, the more you keep making excuses for yourself that way, the less money you have for your goal. Take everything into consideration carefully before spending it. It is much more clever.

06 – Use your time wisely.

Besides money spending, how you consume your time every day is also worth considering. Using time wisely here is not about being snowed under a heavy workload. How you divide your day into parts, use each of them correctly to at the same time work and relax is more important.

“I want to cleanse my life from things that don’t have any sense. It seems to me that I cannot do my job if I spend some part of my energy on stupid and frivolous things (like choosing clothes) in my life.” – Mark Zuckerberg.

Think of your day and determine how much time you spend on leisure activity that does not bring you any benefit? Learning new skills to control yourself is what the new generations are trying to do. Try to say “no” with things like gossiping, online networks. The more you think wishfully to do several tasks simultaneously, the less successful you are.

07 – Set priorities

As we have just said above, the more you try to work on several things at once, the less successful you are. If you acknowledge that you have the abilities in selling products but not in baking, for example. Trying to learn how to bake might not be a clever choice. There are so many good bakers out there, having no ability on selling or marketing. They are waiting for you to come and make corporations.

Elon Musk has a passion for researching solar systems. At the same time, he knows that he could not do all of the tasks by himself. So he has his project, SolarCity, run by others and devotes himself to Tesla and SpaceX. He divides his week into parts and works on those three projects partly but effectively and specialized.

08 – Don’t complicate your life.

The more developed the world turns out to be, the more simplified our lives also. There are online services for shopping, booking, and communicating. You can travel and prepare for any trip around the world literally with just 10 minutes lying on your home sofa. However, the more simplified our lives are, the more complicated our inner worlds become.

“The desire to complicate things is your enemy. Everyone can create something complex. It’s hard to do something simple.” – Richard Branson.

Guilty mind, bothersome people, desire to please everyone… are all the cause of being complicated. Complicators always must do something. They unconsciously bear in mind that they and surrounding people are owing others something they can not explain themselves. The only solution for this is just… think less. None of us are owing anyone anything. Point yourself toward the most foundation needs of any human being, to eat and live only.

09 – Say “no” to stereotypes and to the priorities of other people.

Women should be in the kitchen only.

No real men cry.

We need children to take care of us when we are old.

Do those assumptions sound familiar to you? If you are one of those having these stereotypes or living with them, you should know this. Stereotypes prevent us from living happily and reaching our purposes.

“Your time is limited. That’s why you shouldn’t lose it by living other people’s lives. Do not fall into the trap of dogma. Do not let the noise of other people’s opinions beat your inner voice.” – Steve Jobs.

If you pay more attention to those billionaires out there, you might see their one common thing. They are daring and passionate to stand out from the crowds. It is good to be led by others if you are learning something, but there is no teacher for success. Be your own guide and do different things if you want to be different.

10 – Live not only for yourself.

“Millenials are one of the generations that sent the most money to charity throughout history. But it’s not only about the money; you can donate your time as well.” – Mark Zuckerberg.

Investing time, care, and enthusiasm in others has never been unimportant. Only modest and open-hearted people can help others and set the belief in them. The one you help others today, the more they help you back tomorrow. Supporting others makes a person appear wanted and earns more love.

Finally, success or happiness does not necessarily mean earning as much money as possible. It is all about how merry you are living in this life. Money can make it easier for you to chase off some of your dreams. But what is its real meaning when you have no passion for it. Those principles are just what we got from some of the most wealthy and happy business people worldwide. Now it is your turn to share with us what you have done to be successful. Tell us in the comments!

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