06 Obvious Signs a Person Secretly Likes You


There’s no need to wait for someone to declare their love to you. What you need to do is to watch the person who is into you. Their unintentional actions speak for themselves!

We gathered declarations from anonymous lovers on some online websites to discover how they believe most people expose their emotions. Yet, the most exciting thing is that people act unconsciously, despite gender or age.

Inability to restrain a smile or response to laughter

– Once a lovelorn can never hide their smiles whenever their object of admiration is somewhere near. If emotions are too intense, they can also lightly lift an eyebrow without even recognizing it or beam unintentionally.

– When people in a group begin to giggle at a person’s gag while talking together, lovers gaze unintentionally at who they like best.

There are two kinds of characters in love:

– The first kind constantly works to be near the one for who they have feelings. They are likely to travel to places where it’s probable to run into their favorite person randomly. They also try to touch the one they like on every occasion; for instance, pretending a slight push and then give a hug to apologize.

– The other kind tries to avoid the one they fancy. These people may use inappropriate words in conversations because they believe it will help conceal their actual feelings for their “prey.” Or they might simply consider themselves not good enough to show up in front of the person. 

If a person has been avoiding you lately or trying to bump into you casually, there must be a reason why they act like that.

An observing eye

– Someone in love usually keeps an eye on the person they admire. It often looks like there’s an outstanding feature they missed earlier. If a person experiences unrequited love, he can hardly stop watching the situation because it is still better than doing nothing.

– Nevertheless, if the stare gets caught, “the second front” is activated: he feels the urgent call to look at the nearby trees or to make the companionship of the old lady standing in the next room.

A strange way of speaking

There are 2 scenarios for conversation:

– A person suddenly switches his usual way of talking to one style of a poet, a scholar, and a reporter all mixed into one. It gets easier for him to discuss the most complex and fascinating subjects even if he has never studied them earlier. If you’re fortunate enough, an average person will transform into a comedian.

– A wise and educated person transforms into a mindless sheep that has a terribly poor vocabulary. If this happens to you, try to restrict efforts to fascinate another person.

Talking about a lover to other people:

– People tend to chat about someone they fancy to others or make them talk about it. Even if they are having a serious conversation with a group of colleagues, they can still join another group immediately when hearing a familiar name mentioned there.

– Fascinating detail: someone in love can talk about the one he fancies in a really negative way, declaring to himself and other people that he is hardly in love. In this circumstance, people usually say things like, “Mary is a little weird!” or “John is such an idiot!”

– One more point. Throughout the talk, lovelorn is likely to denote a relation in interests: “It seems that Paul and I are the only people who watch Games of Thrones .”

An immediate change of engagements

– A soul in love may suddenly grow engaged in the very things as the one he has feelings for. All at once, he pays attention to sports or begins studying literature that he would never have thought about earlier.

And don’t overlook the continuous checking of the beloved person’s social networking sites and an unconscious resentment for all their close friends of the different gender/s*x. Well, that’s affection!

Bonus: Body language

If a man puts his hand on the small side of a woman’s back when he is walking by her side, he wants to show her one thing. That is, he is always there and always supports and takes care of her. He unquestionably has a crush on the woman.

P.S. Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule. No matter how hard you work to expose the truth, they’ll never disclose their secret.

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